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Creating Christmas Retail Magic in your business this year

November 1, 2018

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Expert Ideas for Valentine's Displays

January 9, 2019

Welcome to 2019-  your New Year, your New Start to revamping your Visual Merchandising! So, let's look at some ideas to get you ready for the next key promotion - St. Valentine's Day.


“Can’t Buy Me Love….”


Love struck Brits spent a heart stopping £620 million on Valentine’s gifts in 2017, which was believed to have increased to an impressive £650 million in 2018.


Older Millennials (aged between 28 to 37) are the most active Valentine’s Day spenders, with 60% of them buying gifts in 2017 and spending £81 on average.


Meanwhile, there is a big divergence between the sexes: over half of men (53%) bought Valentine’s Day gifts in 2017 and they spent an average of £72, compared to 39% of women who spent £44 on average. (Source: Mintel)


Valentine’s Day is now the biggest spending retail event in the first half of the year, and this year, shoppers are expected to trade up as retailers continue to increase their Valentine’s Day ranges with both premium and personalised gift options. 


There is a multitude of fabulous inspiring ideas to be found on sources such as Pinterest, and to get your creativity going, here are some of my favourite easy-peasy schemes for your Valentine's window displays and promotions.  






“Silhouettes on the shade, Oh, what a lovely couple they made….”


Extremely cost-effective, and easy to do, this window display uses a silhouette design to create a striking scheme. You can recreate this using paint, vinyl stickers or 3D cutouts mixed with actual objects and merchandise to achieve a layered effect with lots of depth and drama. 




“Love letters straight from the heart….”


This is another low-tech & fast way to create an impactful display. All that is required are some sheets of red and pink card, coloured ribbons or wool and some large sheets of white rigid board, such as cardboard or Foamex. Take a couple of large felt-tip markers, and unleash your creative side to make over-sized envelopes with your own branded message. This concept could be used for all types of merchandise displays - fashion, food, beauty products, homewares and gifts. And if you are in the hospitality business, you could try this idea to promote your Valentine's Special Offers by styling a photo of a romantic couple dining a deux concealed behind an oversized envelope...with your brand name on it, of course!




"If my heart was paper, I'd fold it
Throw it to the wind and just hope it
Ends up with you...."


One of the key trends of Christmas 2018  was the prolific use of tailor's busts to create crafty Christmas skirts and ball gowns. If you have a bust or mannequin that you would like to re-use, here is a beautifully elegant concept inspired by Japanese Origami techniques.


You could use pages from a book that parallels your brand story, a magazine that appeals to your audience or perhaps you'd like to stick to tradition and use one of the romantic greats. Another idea is to use sheet music - remember, if "music be the food of love....".


Whichever type of paper you use, this display comprises just three elements:  a bodice made from paper folded into rosettes, cones and flat sheets; a skirt sculpted from coned sheets and a folded waistband and finally, some cut-out heart garlands fashioned into curtains to frame the display.  



"The Power of Love, a force from above

Cleaning my soul...." 

We love to have a bit of fun with our displays at Creating Retail Magic, and so to wrap up, here is one of the most fun Valentine's displays that we've come across. Dust off your Henry & Hetty!


Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration, please do contact me anytime for VM support and, until next time, keep creating your own retail magic!