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Creating Christmas Retail Magic in your business this year

November 1, 2018

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Don’t Fear Halloween Window Displays!

October 1, 2018

Hello again Retail Magic Makers! Effective visual merchandising takes creativity and planning, so even though we’ve just got the kids back to school (Mums like me breathe a sigh of relief!), I will now help you to get prepared for the next big themed retail event: Halloween - 31st October.



Big American-style Halloween celebrations are a growing trend in the UK. Recent research by Live and Breathe highlighted that six out of ten consumers now celebrate the traditionally US event.


However, it appears that our local retailers’ approach is not as enthusiastic as compared to the US when it comes to themed visual merchandising and window displays for this increasingly popular holiday.


And yet, it’s so easy to achieve a great Halloween look with minimal cost, thus enticing customers into your store and encouraging online social media sharing of your display too.


Granted, we can’t all be Harrod’s circa 2011 (if only we had their budget, what fun!). However, we can do such a lot with just a little imagination and some Retail Magic Spells! So, take a few magic moments and be inspired by my seasonal tips for Halloween window dressing on a budget…


Window Displays On a (Shoe)String


A wonderfully impactful and colourful window display! This works because of the fun and simplicity, taking just one element of the theme and building an imaginative story around it. In this case, it is the witch’s broomstick - substituted with this hardware store’s range of brushes, mops and dusters.



This optician's Halloween window display, using bright feather boas, oozes personality and humour to really catch the attention of passers-by! And just as importantly, it has cost hardly anything to produce.



Similarly, a simple concept using umbrellas, stripy tights and fabric remnants is very effective for a Halloween display on a shoestring budget.


 Raid your loft for existing decorations that can be re-vamped! I just love this alternative approach to dressing your Christmas Tree in a Halloween costume.



Or how about this ghoulish twist on vintage retro jars? What type of creepy contents will you display? A touch of Retail Magic for your market stall and shop allows for a lot of fun and creativity during seasonal holidays and retail promotions!


You Can Tell - Rather Than Sell


Clothes shops, gift shops and furniture stores on the other hand, will often focus on their store or brand image above the individual products. The customer then wants to buy into the lifestyle that's shown in the window and decides to go inside to have a look around your shop.



A craft collective store, Midtown Makers, takes inspiration from a Hitchcock classic with creepy crows telling a Halloween story. Again, this is a very simple yet effective way to re-use your Autumn decorations, leaves, twiggy trees, etc. Perfect for budget visual merchandising!



Simplicity works well for high end stores; like this costume shadow theme at Berlutti. This artistic window dressing also works for smaller window spaces and smaller products, where you still want to focus the consumer eye on your product, without distracting them by surrounding everything with pumpkins, fake webbing and witches hats!



However, if you do want to go “all-out” with the Halloween theme, either in your window, or for an in-store feature display, it just takes some creativity with props, playing with height levels to steer the eye from top to bottom, as seen in this Bergdorf Goodman stunner above.


So, hopefully this has given you some Trick-Or-Treats for thought! A touch of Retail Magic and a bespoke magic spell of creativity like those above, can set your shop apart from your competitors. 


If you’re excited, or worried, about your seasonal displays simply get in touch  for a chat and we’ll help you make this Halloween the best one yet for your store and your customers.


Chat again soon!