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This is where the magic happens! Halloween Display inspiration

Welcome to the second in our series of articles in the Creating Retail Magic guide to Halloween display inspiration!

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, and recent years have seen an increased popularity for this festival of masks, monsters and mayhem. Halloween decorations and costumes have already been in shops since August so, how much of the pumpkin pie is your business enjoying?

“How much is spent celebrating Halloween?" Between 2013 and 2016 in the UK and Ireland, estimated Halloween spending rose steadily from £230 million to £310 million. 2017 saw a big spike in spending, which rose by almost a third to £400 million, before a modest increase to £419 million in 2018. By averaging the percentage increase over these five years, Halloween spending in 2019 was believed to be around £474 million. (Source:

September is the perfect time to start planning your own bespoke Halloween Retail Magic- what display, events, promotions and offers would be appreciated by your customers?

Grab a pumpkin-spiced latte, take a couple of minutes and be inspired by our absolutely fab-boo-lous Halloween ideas below!

Beastly Banquet: Grotesque gargoyles, cadaver-pecking crows set against luscious red apples and fleshy plump pumpkins, this scene was inspired by the still life paintings of the Dutch Masters. Look around at home - do you have an old wooden table, some silver candelabra and some fresh ivy from the garden? With a little bit of decorative spiderweb, you could easily do this as your window display or welsome area dressing in your restaurant, cafe, shop or salon!

Scarily Simple Silver Centrepiece: A 5 minute project involving heritage grey-hued pumpkins, silver spray paint, black silk roses, faux ivy and spider webs. A large grouping of these gorgeous pieces, in various sizes at at varying heights, would look so dramatic in an elegant Halloween display for both hospitality and retail venues.

"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween." What can be more beautiful than a simple doorstep display of pumpkins? For this project, we did nothing more complicated that position some grey, green and silver pumpkins alongside our clients hedera and cyclamens. Halloween magic done in the swoosh of a black cat's tail!

So, hopefully that has given you some more Trick-Or-Treats for thought - keep in touch for more Halloween inspiration from Creating Retail Magic coming soon!

If you’re excited, or worried, about your seasonal displays, simply get in touch with us at 07586 355 355 for a chat and we’ll help you make this Halloween season the best one yet for your store and your customers,

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