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Meet Mags McAlpin

Mags McAlpin is the founder of Creating Retail Magic, a unique visual merchandising, event theming and property staging service.     

We also deliver tailored Customer Service and Visual Merchandising training using our very creative approach to help you create a magical retail experience in your own business.


A professional Visual Merchandiser and Business Mentor with many years of experience in design, sales, window dressing, retail interiors and themed events, Mags holds a BA in Visual Merchandising and is the only Fellow of the British Display Society in Northern Ireland.


All things design, display and retail are our passion, and we work with independent retailers, Town Centre Managers and Local Authorities to bring Retail and Event Magic to the streets of our local neighbourhoods.

So, go ahead - call us now to and we'll work together to create your own special type of retail, interior and event Magic!


Thanks & looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Call for the Magic!  /  Tel. 07586 355 355

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